Coupon validating machine

07-Jan-2018 08:44

Embodiments of the invention relate to a system and method for real-time validation and redemption of paper and electronic coupons; electronic coupon distribution; electronic clearing and reporting of paper and electronic coupon redemptions; and an “Universal Club Card” that combines coupon scanning, coupon redemption, coupon distribution, loyalty cards, club cards, gift cards, frequent shopper programs, store credits and many other retail store promotions into one efficient and convenient portable scanning internal memory coupled to the processing unit, the internal memory comprises a plurality of data storage groupings including (1) a first data storage grouping being a list of coupons, inaccessible for redemption, that are currently available for a particular geographic region, and (2) a second data storage grouping being a list of coupons, accessible for redemption, that were scanned and matched with a coupon of the first data storage grouping., wherein the internal memory further comprises a third data storage grouping including a list of coupons, accessible for redemption, that were scanned and unmatched with a coupon of the first data storage grouping.

further comprising a display to illustrate coupon descriptive information being alphanumeric characters to identify at least one of the following: a value of a coupon, expiration date of a coupon, a description of a discounted product, and a description of a manufacturer of the discounted product.

4-way bill acceptance is now offered in the Conlux brand with the CV1000.

Due to Vueling running more like its horrid parent company, Iberia and less like an efficient budget airline, I found myself with a four and a half layover in Rome on my way to Split, Croatia from Barcelona.The first is the “Leonardo Express” which a sign proudly states at the train platform takes a mere 32 minutes to reach Roma Termini.The other train is “Local” train and is gauged to take 47 minutes as it makes several stops although you’ll notice all the Italians taking this one. Keep in mind that the airport train from Barcelona to the center costs 3.90€ and is the same distance.further comprising an interface to enable a customer to control operations of the scanner, the interface comprises (i) at least one scroll key that, when depressed, enables a customer to scroll and review alphanumeric characters on the display, and (ii) a scan key that, when depressed, activates the optical converter to scan a data object.

Embodiments of the invention relate to the field of communications.

Passes provide access to most rail routes and allow you hassle-free travel since you won’t have to wait in lines at the train station to get tickets.